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The Chihuahua Wagon

By Wendi Dressen Director of Volunteer Engagement When I say “Chihuahua”, you say “Wagon”.Chihuahua. Wagon. Chihuahua! Wagon! What is a Chihuahua Wagon and what does it have to do with volunteer… View article »

Spiritual Care: O God Beyond All Praising

By Chaplain Nancy CarlsonVice President of Spritual Care What are we to do in these uncertain times? We’ve seen the headlines, watched the news and perhaps been in contact with people around the worl… View article »

The Cassia Life: Doctor Fear is Latrophobia

The Cassia Life By Jesse Watkins, Cassia’s own resident blogger Starting last week’s work searching for information about how, as seniors, some of us avoid going to the doctor, even when we perhaps n… View article »

The Face of Caring: Brenna Westerberg

Brenna is employed as a certified nursing assistant and trained medication assistant at Augustana Care Moose Lake Health and Rehabilitation. However, her title should be power-lifter. She has a soluti… View article »

The Cassia Life: Unretirement Unmasked, Why We Go Back to Work

The Cassia Life By Jesse Watkins, Cassia’s own resident blogger It’s a common dilemma. You worked hard to save money for retirement and all considered did quite well. Your savings--your investments--… View article »

Augustana Care Minneapolis Campus

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